About the Redwood Room

Just through the lobby of The Clift Royal Sonesta Hotel is the famed Redwood Room. This intimate yet expansive bar has been at the center of the San Francisco social scene since it opened on the day after Prohibition was repealed. Luxuriate in the warmth from walls paneled from the wood of a single redwood tree.  In addition to exquisite and artisanal cocktails you will find top shelf liquors, wines, beers, and gourmet small plates, some of which incorporate honey from the hotel’s rooftop bee sanctuary.

Located at The Clift


The intimate art deco-inspired Redwood Room is a San Francisco institution, newly infused with 21st-century elegance. Its glamour and subdued atmosphere are unsurpassed in the city, made more unique by the paneling that is said to have been carved from a single redwood tree. The etched glass bar, Starck-designed lounge furnishings and always rotating digital artwork are the talk of the neighborhood. Savor gourmet small plates and Liquid Art cocktails in this soothing bar that redefines “classic.”

On December 5, 1933, the 21st Amendment was adopted, repealing the 18th Amendment, which had outlawed the sale, transport and manufacture of “intoxicating liquors.” The very next day, on December 6, 1933, The Clift’s iconic Redwood Room opened to great acclaim. The now legal speakeasy was an immediate hit with everyone from local residents to national celebrities, due to the moody atmosphere, creative cocktails, dramatic redwood paneling, and eclectic mix of patrons.

The Redwood Room continues to be a hub for the San Francisco scene. The bar’s signature drinks have been local favorites since the day Prohibition ended, and today they may be infused with herbs from the hotel’s garden or flavored with honey from The Clift’s own rooftop bees.

Dress Code:

Old San Franciscan ambiance with a modern and dress-to-impress flair.

Redwood Room has a history dating back to Prohibition. While San Francisco has evolved over the years, the elegance and tradition of Redwood Room has been revitalized. It is our desire to create an amazing experience for every person who walks through our well-known redwood entryway, therefore proper decorum applies. As such, we’ve enacted a dress code inclusive for all.

Daily Dress Code


Not permitted:

·         Shorts

·         Sandals or flip flops

·         Work boots

·         Overly loose fitting, baggy or saggy jeans

·         Jeans with excessive stitching, logos or writing

·         Jeans with excessive tears, rips or holes

·         Sports jerseys or athletic apparel

·         Beanies or sports hats (stylish headwear may be an exception, but hats found to be in violation of the dress code must be left outside of Redwood Room)

·         Excessive jewelry, chains or mouth grills

·         T-shirts or flannel shirts

·         See-through clothing

·         Sweatpants

·         Tank tops

We ask our guests to abide by our dress code. Please understand that we intend to create a fun, safe and enjoyable environment for all our guests.